Only pay for the time you book. No weekly rental obligation.

Our goal is to liberate stylists and salon owners alike by offering a new opportunity: the chance to fill extra chairs for salon owners, and the option to book those chairs on demand for stylists.

How it works

Enjoy the freedom to book a station when you need it.

Sign up for free by clicking here. We hold our stylists to a high standard, so we’ll verify your credentials
to get you on board. Once you’re in, using our FLEX System is easy as uno, dos, tres!

Choose a salon that fits your location preferences and style. Rental rates start at $15 an hour.

Book a chair, on demand, – there’s a minimum of a three hour block, with an option to add more time based on availability. Last minute appointment? Don’t worry -you can book your chair right up to one hour before you need it.

Pay your rate by using Paypal.